Vité 20 is an anti-fungal cream that directly attacks the fungus while regenerating and improving the texture of the nails and the skin around them. It is effective in relieving itching, cracking, burning, and discomfort associated with fungally infected nails.

It has no liver indications and is safe for diabetics and pregnant women.

Vité 20 is transparent, does not stain or smell bad; It is an easy product to apply and it is not necessary to remove the nail polish for use.

VITÉ 20 Anti Fungus Cream

How does it work

Vité 20, with its unique blend of natural and traditional ingredients, works instantly to smooth and moisturize the skin around the nails and remove the most stubborn fungus.

The application of the product must be carried out twice a day to obtain 24-hour protection and achieve maximum benefits. Two to three weeks after starting the Vité20 treatment, changes will be noticed in the affected area.

Once optimal results have been achieved, the application of the product is recommended at least once a week to protect against re-contamination.

The treatment process can take between 3 and 12 months, depending on the type of fungus, the degree of infection and the time it takes for each person's nail to grow.

Wash the affected area with soap and water and dry completely before using the product. The tip of the bottle should be cut with scissors and a light coat of Vité 20 applied to the affected area in the morning and at night. It is not necessary to remove the nail polish for its application.

In the case of ringworm (Tinea corporis) results are obtained in approximately four weeks, and in the groin itch (ringworm) with only two weeks is sufficient.

2 daily applications during treatment.

  • Recommended for diabetics.

  • No Prescription Required

  • Product for external use only.

  • It should not be applied in children under 2 years, except when recommended by a doctor.