Vité 20 spray is a treatment that is applied directly to the shoes, eliminating up to 99.9% the fungi and bacteria that inhabit them, regularly generated by darkness and humidity. Vité 20 spray directly attacks the fungus while regenerating and improving the texture of the nails and the skin around them.

It is effective in relieving itching, cracking, burning, and discomfort associated with athlete's foot and onychomycosis.

Vité 20 is transparent, does not stain or smell bad; It is an easy product to apply and practical to transport anywhere.

VITÉ 20 Foot and shoe spray

How does it work

It is a directly proven spray treatment that helps prevent onychomycosis (nail fungus) and athlete's foot, in addition to disinfecting and eliminating bad odor, it provides more lasting protection than talc and common sprays thanks to its active substance - 5% Undecylenic Acid -.

Ideal for tennis, industrial shoes, gloves and sports bags, as well as everyday shoes.

Once optimal results have been achieved, the application of the product is recommended at least once a week to protect against re-contamination.

A single bottle of Vité 20 Spray 59ml. renders more than 500 applications

Shake the spray well and apply two sprays inside the shoe covering the entire internal area 2 times a day.

Avoid contact with eyes and keep away from excessive heat or open flame.

Always store the product in a cool and dry place.

Avoid inhaling the spray at the time of application.

  • No Prescription Required

  • Product for external use only.

  • It should not be applied in children under 2 years, except when recommended by a doctor.